1-on-1 Executive Coaching

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Discover yourself, leverage your strengths, build more productive relationships and achieve your goals. One-on-one sessions to hone leadership skills through data-driven feedback, personal reflection and challenge, leading to behavioral changes. This coaching is goal-centered with a limited time frame, focused on helping the client execute effectively and enhance relationship skills in the workplace.

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Strategic Planning

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Set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations and more. Contact me to discuss what you'd like to achieve within your corporation.

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Career Planning

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Helping employees identify their dream jobs and ideal careers is one means of developing your workforce and enhancing the performance of all. Paula utilizes a 4 step online process by which an employee can reflect on their successes, strengths, and desired future state in order to build skills and abilities to reach that future. Over 35 tools are available to assist any individual to take a tailor-made approach to designing their own desired career path.


Life Coaching

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Individual coaching sessions over a set course of time, centered on addressing personal and professional difficulties and enhancing effectiveness in relationships, self-awareness, and uncovering one’s skills and abilities for increased growth and contributions.


Cultural Assessments and Interventions

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Identifying problematic cultures is an elusive target, but doing so allows an entire organization to move from stagnancy or dysfunction into higher performance, cohesion, and delivery to its customer base. By gathering data about the existing culture and where it needs to be changed, Paula will work with your organization to identify the current state as well as desired future state, and create a plan to move toward the desired goal and outcomes. Paula can also customize cultural assessments for mergers & acquisitions.


Team Effectiveness

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Generate higher team performance by uncovering common teamworking problems, defining goal and role clarity, and tackling any disruptive process or interpersonal issues.


Paula works from a data-driven perspective to help teams increase functioning and address problem areas that are inhibiting their desired performance and outcomes. Team improvement will be driven by an understanding of the roadblocks currently in place, drawing from data from the team and its customers.